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Once you find the 2nd hell rift, destroy the Rift Occulus inside, then exit back to the gardens. The Marker will be randomized.

It is a interactive ground spawn called Black Mushrooms, but it does not always spawn. Find the blood of Zoltun Kulle in the Cave of the Betrayer. This can be rough to so be careful.

Strength Passives Primary 1. Either or can be completed in any order. Once Belial is defeated put him in the soul stone. See the video below for good strategies on using all these skills together. Touch the marker and you will learn the town portal spell. So use the following passive abilities.

Please check back often as more guides are released almost daily! It also will deal from Fire damage per hit. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes.

Diablo 3 ps3 strategy guide pdf download will Tell you to start destroying the corruption blockages. You bend the very fabric of space and time to your will making your enemies crawl.

Diablo 3 Guides, Strategies, Tips, and More

You can put on Level 60 gems to have a very powerful force, even without a high level character. Strateggy should give you an idea of diablo 3 ps3 strategy guide pdf download these items can do for you!

You should get by all of normal mode and some of nightmare easily with this build, It may cost up toGold. If you have to leave your game you can restart here later. Firing off so many shots in such a large radius is the best way to Leach life and gain bonus XP. Assist him with his troubles and he will then shrategy your party as a follower.

Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress FAQ – This guide should shed some light on the followers in Diablo 3 and explain some things you may not know about them that should increase your knowledge about choosing the right one for you. Destroy the enemies in both then head to North West gulde at the bridge.

After beating him Head to the Chancellor’s tomb. Leoric may teleport from time to stratwgy which can make things a bit more of a hassle. Diablo is the Hardest of all the bosses, especially at first.

Rakanoth ;df susceptible to stun so use something like that, Melee and Stun grenadiers should diablo 3 ps3 strategy guide pdf download an easy time. I provide strategies for all classes on how to beat him. Get ready for a long one. Head to the middle of the map. It is found rarely in a room in The Cathedral: Circle around the slopes diablo 3 ps3 strategy guide pdf download meet Cydaea again in The Heart of the Cursed from level 2 Tower of the cursed.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Game Guide

Punish with the Bash skill, and several Fire damage enhancing gear. Every enemy hit will reduce cool down,allowing for continous Furious Charging. This guide should help give you some pointers on how to level your hardcore characters quickly! While in Archon form, your normal abilities are replaced by powerful Archon abilities. Instead you gain 2 Fury every doownload.

The missions have been divided into acts and they are listed in the guide in the same order they’re received. In the middle of the story, there appears your character, who has been lured into the vicinities of the new Tristram, by a shooting star. This one is going to take us directly into the buide field.

After that take sharpshooter passive skill.

It will increase the life gain by an extra 3. This may take a while, but once you find it head inside for more random dungeons and enemies. This choice is srtategy to the player.

Damage done will be fire.