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Do you need an advice? But If you don’t have time you can still skip them specially if you have already done with Step 1. So the yield from reading KL was yield in contrast to the yield from UW explanations.

Neeraj’s Notes for USMLE Step 3

After exam, I am more convinced that UW is the most important source. I felt I can do that as this was not the 1st sequence of blocks.

I tested them recently. What is ur suggestion? I was sick of comparison and annotating blah blah blah.

That made me finish Qs per day srep kaplan step 2 ck books pdf download this is a reason why I took long to prepare for CK.

The above post was thanked by: But I wonder if there are bits here and there that are exclusive to CK and missing from Step 1 notes. Even if you used MTB for reading only without annotating it, there is no harm. I’ve been looking for such information for long time. Donwload knew that time management is a problem in the exam so I did the Qs timed from the start of my preparation.

Here are the reasons: You can sometimes depend on the stem to do it right without fully identifying the photo for ex.

Question B- My experience summary: Go to rapidshare link, than click free user, wait for 30 seconds and download. When I was kaplan step 2 ck books pdf download the last 10 blocks of the bank I discovered I could have saved half of the time I spent annotating by highlighting the extra info in UW and then take a screen shot via Dropbox of the highlighted explanation and then to revise UW from these screenshots.

I had no time so I did only the part of Qs and explanations that followed each chapter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The problem that kaplan step 2 ck books pdf download I finished Peds from KL, I felt I am not left with a good source to revise it quickly later but that I am left with a burden that will make my steps slower.

Step 2 CK Preparation; Books and Plan – USMLE Forums

Some can consider it good, but when I compared it with them, I was so anxious. In step 1, you were annotating lines lines in most of Qs.

They will give you a presentation pointing to one diagnosis, and they will add a symptom that u know for sure it is related to another disease. Another thing that can help u not to be distracted by a distractor is to know the chief complaint very well.

I planned at the beginning of my preparation to do the analogous chapter in IM and Peds together, I did this in some chapters and removed the common info between IM and peds from KL Peds. It is sad how people study Dosnload from outdated sources and take the exam without having UpToDate online subscription. Except the Epidemiology and Ethics. If you asked me what was the advantage of these few blocks I did from KQB?

I had 3 weeks left before exam only. The period of preparation was 9 months. I want to thank all friends and colleagues who helped kaplan step 2 ck books pdf download At the last Originally Posted by natashar.