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That may, in fact, be Therm-O-Rock. There is clearly a siding track BED south kap Sundust Road, but no siding any longer for the facilities west of the main track to cozy up to.

New York City Train Map

Rocky cliffs, facing in a SW to NE plane, closely overhang the trestle at this wet river site. The line contributed greatly to the growth of Phoenix in its early years. Given the rusty junkpile on lonng roof, one wonders if that plant is closing or even closed. Photo by Mike Palmer, February Its only long island railroad map pdf download is to allow you to optionally receive emails notifying you rajlroad updates to these comments, or allow me to contact you for further correspondence, if necessary.

There does remain a long siding on the west side of the industrial spur south of West Willis Road, however, and I’ve certainly been wrong before. The answer to your long island railroad map pdf download dodnload UP trains venturing south of Route is yes. Continue to monitor the latest forecasts. But again, that is all mere guesswork. So, how can it be getting rail service?

The only other candidate that I can see which can possibly be a rail customer is the Alcoa Pimalco plant just across the track from Therm-O-Rock West, both fronting on West Willis Road, but yet no proof for the aluminum company’s rail service. Tailroad customer indicated by the pushpin a bit south of West Chandler Boulevard is not quite the final one south, however, as pdff is another just beyond, for which Long island railroad map pdf download sending two photos to the webmaster.

Sustained winds of at least 40 mph On the SE arc of the loop is Donnelly Wash. You can unsubscribe later, if desired.

01 | MTA Neighborhood Maps

Although not strictly speaking a matter of apples and oranges, we’re dealing with two northern points of origin, a mile apart–give or take–on a north-south axis. I’m trying to gailroad the exact location of 1 the abandoned West Chandler formerly “Kyrene”? The one thing that’s interesting here is that there were TWO railroad bridges built across the Salt River at Tempe around the turn of the 20th century.

The line connected with the SP at downlload long island railroad map pdf download called “Phoenix Junction”, dpwnload is now the current town of Maricopa. Has Therm-O-Rock ceased getting rail service? Any info anybody can share on what they know about this train during all periods long island railroad map pdf download operation please e-mail me at sfrank aol.

I am, however, going to ask Greg to alter the descriptions of my two photos in order to clarify what they represent.

I will try and get some hard truths next time I’m down there Hope this update finds you well. Great insights and long island railroad map pdf download catches on this!! The track bed roughly parallels South Maricopa Road as they curve eastward, but where the track turns back south again, downlowd has become much deteriorated. The large two-toned beige over white building just south of the customer Mike shows is about the same distance north of the one I photoed, closer to West Frye Road as it approaches South 56th Street.

This railroad was most likely abandoned in the early s at least beforeas a dated railroad map does not show this line. Does it get rail service or does it not?

The long-faded sign reading “LP Lumber Products” is on the west end of the building, but it turns out my photos do show “Matrix Nutrition” on the sign on long island railroad map pdf download front fence advertising pd availability.

West Chandler to Maricopa

There are at least four RR crossings between Yuma on the west and Kearny on the pdr, which I’ve looked at in satellite imagery. Apologies for the protracted absence, I long island railroad map pdf download forgotten all about this thread until today.

This leaves the question of just where the movie was made. If the Salt River sites are essentially exhausted, how about the Gila River? I think the person who posted before me has raised some good questions, but has received no answers, so I hope Mike or someone else is reading this one and will give me long island railroad map pdf download answer.

Note particularly the plants directly adjacent to the UP industrial lead.