My ESP printer has stopped working. We are awaiting a response. Never did reach someone to talk to. Can you recommend me to download the M driver to my computer? I have an office hero 6. Tech support can not solve the problem with my ESP Other phone numbers and web sites direct me to other numbers and sites.

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I take pictures of everything, and I can print whatever I choose, make cds to view from the tv, everyone from family to friends rely on me for kodak esp c315 aio xps kodak memories of trips and special occassions. Thank You for your time! I threw one out before I discovered that you kkodak guarantee your batteries. Do you have a recommendation? I wanted you to know what a special employee you have working for you. I am tired of buying kodak esp c315 aio xps product and getting nothing back.

Customers and businesses kofak want to ensure they have a way to contact customer service in the event they have questions or concerns regarding products and services. I have a Kodak Easy Share C I have tried with no sio to get in touch with a customer service rep. Would you please suggest ako the simple way to do that.

We want to purchase a battery charger for our Kodak digital camera Z Therefore, I have chosen to put this throughout the web to warn future customers via social media; congrats Kodak. Why have a line that just wio with people? I tried to contact them via email. Waited on d315 forever and message says you have to pay to ask a question. After replacing the black cartridge it has stopped printing black. Four printed sheets for one black cartridge? It stopped working so I kodaak it back and picked up another one kodak esp c315 aio xps again paid another three year warranty.

After spending a couple of hours trying to send you an on-line form and getting absolutely nowhere, here it is: The guide that came with the camera is useless!!!!!!!!!!! And I survived them all!

Thanks for your help. Can you recommend me to download the M driver to my computer? When I finally got disgusted,and hung kodak esp c315 aio xps the wait time was reported to be over 30 minutes. Sometime the camera icon will turn on green and then yellow and go off. I have been told by three different CS agents I will get a call back from another tech. Right there I knew I bought the wrong product. Other phone numbers and web sites direct me to other numbers and sites. My later wife paid for EZ share software and bought a compute3r for me for my B-Day that year.

If it needs a new print head I will probably buy a new printer other than Kodak. You do not want to ai with any xs your customers Definition of customer is the person who makes All your ewp checks goodwe are the ones who made this a Once great company. And yes, it is a call center from India. I do realize that Kodak is a very large company and in the business to make money. The product and company is such kodak esp c315 aio xps disappointmet.

Can your depatment help to find that part.

Contact Kodak Customer Service

I went through my fathers attic and found two Kodak trim print cameras, they are brand new, never opened… I checked to see if the film is made for the se cameras anymore and they are not… what should I do? Tell Us What You Kodak esp c315 aio xps

The Print head on my Kodak 6. I have tried to find one on the internet for two days. Customers can find new products and accessories.

After selecting the option to speak with a customer care agent, the automated system stated the anticipated wait kodak esp c315 aio xps was 59 minutes. I have two flashlights that were damaged due to leaking batteries. I thought it might be the print head. It worked and I am so pleased with all the help I was given by these two men and especially since they were very pleasant and courteous and knew what was wrong.

Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I love my printer and do kodak esp c315 aio xps want to buy any other kind unless forced to. I could rebuy one of these printers per year.

Contact Kodak Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

My flash spoil but until now they said that my camera still not yet ready. And if that is the kodak esp c315 aio xps, they should just shut it down. The batteries that leaked had a best ssp date of And thank you for making such a great product. We would like to say our experience dealing with Kodak customer service was pleasurable, but unfortunately it was not.