I did what everyone suggested, and about 3 hours later, I finaly got it to work. The tape tray has moved too far out of the camera and it must be moved into the camera mm so that the pop-up part of the tray will close and latch This then triggers the tape tray to move into the camera. The whirring sound and the beep were due to the loose tape detected by the camera. The door wouldn’t “click in”. Now ihave a expensiv webcam, and i go to a store for buying a Panasonic camera.

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I had a For the hdr-hc3 the reset is on the outer tape door in the middle.

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Couldn’t work on it until I got back home. I’ll keep you updated. I will never buy something from SONY. I’m thinking of printing up this page and sending it to the CEO although they state they don’t look sony handycam dcr-hc36 non Sony web pages.

Just one doubt, while working to lower it, should sony handycam dcr-hc36 the cam set ON, sont battery power or chord AC plugged in? I decided to find a more permanent fix and I had no intention of giving Sony bucks to do it.

This damn thing is made in Japan. Had the same error and did everything mentioned on this page.

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I just pushed down gently while hitting the reset — didn’t force it or anything. The whacking it on the bottom zony 2nd time. Nevertheless this was the only problem I had with Cannon camcorders or cameras. If necessary repeat sony handycam dcr-hc36 process. Now it can’t play any tape Chuck – you’re a genius. I was hitting it as hard as i could without hurting myself.

This can often pulverise, distort, shatter, disfigure or otherwise ruin them totally. Anyone have any ideas?

Now ihave a expensiv webcam, and i go to a store for buying a Panasonic camera. On my last try, I had the battery and the power source out of the device and I banged the bottom of the camcorder very hard on a wooden sony handycam dcr-hc36 that had a small thin cusion on it.

I didn’t use it very often, two weeks ago just trying sony handycam dcr-hc36 use it, opened the cassette compartment and it never came back again.

I suspect that I keep missing habdycam sensor tells the camera where the tape tray is, but I’ve put it everywhere and it just won’t catch. You don’t even have sony handycam dcr-hc36 take the HC7 apart. Because of our extensive experience and inventory we can offer expert repairs at the lowest prices and sony handycam dcr-hc36 fastest turnaround.

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So basically, they offer NO workable solution, take no notice of sony handycam dcr-hc36 observations made by their customer base, and simply suggest getting the item “repaired” at an exhorbitant cost. Thanks again for this forum. It eventually worked and I got the mechanism to kick in, but not completely. Be patient people as it took me over half an hour of doing all these steps – i thought i was going to be one of the unlucky ones who couldn’t fix it with the smacking and re sony handycam dcr-hc36 in the cord.

His English is far better than my Greek.

Please if anyone can offer advice to the specific mechanism that is failing here, I would greatly appreciate it. Dave Mon, 30 Nov Many thanks to all. Paul Thu, 10 Jun Who would have thought the good old dcr-hcc36 bang on it method would work.

Me and my fiance are really happy, now we sony handycam dcr-hc36 film our 2-year-old again. Don’t bang or make your camcorder worst, just lower the motor and the error code goes away, might have to sony handycam dcr-hc36 it a few times.

If the issue persists, service will be required.